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We hope you will answer a few questions in connection with your stay with us. With your help we can make your next stay even better!
How satisfied are you with the following?
CleaningVery dissatisfiedDissatisfiedOkaySatisfiedVery pleasedCleaning
ParkingVery dissatisfiedDissatisfiedOkaySatisfiedVery pleasedParking
InternetVery dissatisfiedDissatisfiedOkaySatisfiedVery pleasedInternet
Quality of the roomVery dissatisfiedDissatisfiedOkaySatisfiedVery pleasedQuality of the room
ServiceVery dissatisfiedDissatisfiedOkaySatisfiedVery pleasedService
On a scale of 1-5 where 1 is not likely and 5 is very likely - what is the probability that you will recommend GO to friends and acquaintances?
If we were to add a service on GO which is more important to you?
How satisfied are you overall with your stay?
Very dissatisfiedDissatisfiedOkaySatisfiedVery pleased

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